Vertifi's flagship remote deposit capture technology - DeposZip - was designed with flexibility, efficiency, and security in mind. Available on mobile, tablet, or desktop, for businesses or for consumers, Vertifi’s Remote deposit capture solution combines powerful image processing libraries for superior image quality and lower rates of exception, with a robust administrative platform that enables you to balance risk mitigation and performance. Streamlined user registration and real-time posting capabilities make for the ultimate, satisfying end-user experience.

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Features include:

  • Rear restrictive endorsement validation
  • Real-time registration
  • Robust risk management tools configurable by customer segments
  • Real time posting
  • Automated transaction notifications
  • Ready-to-use data reports

What's New?

Vertifi partners with Advanced Fraud Solutions, a leader in fraud prevention software, to offer TrueChecks® as a fully-integrated and automated RDC check fraud detection solution. In combination with the DeposZip risk mitigation toolkit, TrueChecks will enable you to make better-informed funds availability decisions and to more proactively combat check fraud at the earliest opportunity, the time of presentment.

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Vertifi provides its patented technology to partner companies in the form of software libraries for Apple® iOS and Android operating systems. This allows providers of mobile banking applications to integrate an awesome RDC feature into their products with minimal heavy lifting. Visit our Vertifi Image Processing Library page to learn more and see a list of licensed partners.