DeposZip® RDC

Mobile & Desktop Solutions
For Businesses & Consumers

Built with flexibility, efficiency, and security in mind, DeposZip was the first remote deposit capture service of its kind made commercially available to financial institutions for consumer or business use. DeposZip combines powerful image processing libraries for superior image quality and lower rates of exception with a robust administrative platform that enables you to balance risk mitigation and deposit channel performance.


DeposZip Mobile for Consumer and Business Use

  • Feature-rich software development kit for iOS and Android—Integrated into leading mobile banking applications
  • Image quality and usability validation, duplicate detection, and other on-device features for an exceptional user experience
  • Multiple check deposit capability

DeposZip Desktop Built for Businesses

  • High-performance solution with large-volume capacity—Deposit up to 190 checks per minute
  • Supports multiple scanner integrations—TWAIN and Ranger compatible; Ranger® software is available for resale through Vertifi
  • Secure, browser-independent desktop app—Web-based version also available

One Powerful Administrative Platform

  • Risk mitigation toolkit configurable by customer segments
  • Rear restrictive endorsement validation
  • Integrated AFS TrueChecks® fraud detection software: Learn more
  • Integrated Treasury Check Verification tools: Learn more
  • Real-time enrollment and real-time posting