Mobile Banking Applications

Let Vertifi's team of professional developers create for you a fully-featured, high performance mobile banking application for distinct user experiences in today’s competitive marketplace. Apple iOS and Android software development is our specialty and we will work with your development team to provide truly customizable apps for mobile banking users. Indeed you will be among some of the largest credit unions in the United States who have distinguished themselves by eschewing ‘off the shelf’ solutions, preferring instead to partner with us!

What’s more, because you host the back-end, there are no tick charges from Vertifi, just low upfront and maintenance costs, which become more and more economical as your user base grows. We don’t punish you for your success!

What makes Vertifi different than other app providers?

Native code and extensibility

Native app development provides optimal performance and a sophisticated user interface that feels like it belongs on the platform. A mix of hybrid HTML content injection, which is fully customizable by the financial institution, allows clients to extend the functionality of the application.

Responsive User Interface

Fully adaptive UI takes advantage of the additional screen real estate of tablet devices, providing a richer master/detail navigation experience.

Safe and secure

Fingerprint authentication and encrypted device tokens complement carefully designed, thoroughly reviewed app architecture. Regular third party source code assessments are performed by Vertifi to provide documented assurance that the platform is designed with security in mind.

Access to account details, transaction history

See all your accounts with balances and other metadata, as well as pending and recent transactions. A fully searchable transaction history, with access to check images and optional transaction ‘attachments,’ allows for a rich and fulfilling experience.

Account to account transfers

Easily move money amongst members' accounts.

Person-to-person payments

The fully native experience can access the on-device contact database, enabling a P2P payment to be made with just a few simple touches on the device. Select a contact to load the mobile number or e-mail address, enter an amount, and you’re done!

Bill Pay

Pay bills online with a fully native user experience.

Mobile deposit

Nobody does this better than Vertifi. Our patented on-device libraries provide a sophisticated user experience, automatically detecting checks during camera preview, pre-processing and testing the images in a fraction of a second, and filling in the amount for you. A check deposit can be completed with as little as 4 taps on the screen and in so little time that your users will want to deposit again and again!

Account balances widgets

Access account balances without logging in. Android widgets allow the user to install a self-updating widget and check balances as easily as checking the weather or time. An iOS Today Extension adds balances to the device Notification Center, swipe down and there they are!

Wearable apps

Check account balances by lifting your wrist! Wearable apps for Android Wear and Apple Watch are both available.

Branch/ATM Locator

A fully native maps based branch and ATM locator allows users to find branches or ATM’s worldwide and get directions.

In-app Marketing

Inline promotional advertisements offer dynamic and targeted marketing opportunities within the app.

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