Founded in 2009, Vertifi Software is an innovator of digital solutions for the financial services industry.

First Movers of Remote Deposit Capture Solutions

Vertifi’s proprietary remote deposit capture solution— DeposZip— was built fully in house by our software developers. DeposZip was the first service of its kind made commercially available to financial institutions for consumer or business use, and now surpasses 40 million transactions, valued at more than $20 billion, annually. For over a decade, we have had the technological and a commercial edge that comes from being first movers and frequent innovators in this space.

Proprietary and Patented Technology

Vertifi holds four United States patents for its proprietary image capture and data processing technology.

Technology at the Leading Edge

At Vertifi, we regularly reinvest in and enhance our technology to optimize system performance, streamline administrative workload, and improve the end user experience, in advance of and in response to new digital tools, devices, and operating systems; regulatory changes; and market demand. At the leading edge of innovation, Vertifi securely and efficiently processes financial data using artificial intelligence and other advanced tools at the digital frontier.