About Us

Vertifi® Software, LLC, is a leading provider of state-of-the-art payment system technologies and innovative digital solutions to the financial services industry. Vertifi proves that a deep understanding of this industry and its unique technology can yield powerful, market changing solutions, reduce costs, accelerate collection, and reduce risk.

Focused on Service and Collaboration

Founded in 2009 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eastern Corporate Federal Credit Union (EasCorp), Vertifi draws on over 40 years of experience as part of the EasCorp family. Early check image and payments processing technologies developed by EasCorp were foundational to Vertifi’s own technological innovations, and EasCorp’s guiding principles of collaboration and service drive Vertifi’s customer service philosophy and partnership strategy today. By virtue of its ownership by a not-for-profit, cooperative organization, Vertifi is financially and operationally stable and poised for further growth.

Expertise and Innovation

As the creator of DeposZip®, the first remote deposit capture program for consumers and businesses made available commercially to financial institutions in the United States, and other payments service innovations, Vertifi has the expertise, the proprietary systems, the creativity, and the agility to set itself apart from and outperform other service providers.

Built for You, Built for Your Users

Vertifi’s solutions are built for its clients and for their end users. Its powerful solutions deliver its clients operational efficiencies and robust risk mitigation on secure and stable platforms. Its intuitive solutions offer end users intuitive, easy, accurate, and secure banking experiences. In addition to its flagship remote deposit capture solution, DeposZip, Vertifi’s suite of services includes branch capture solutions, mobile banking applications, statement services, voice-assisted banking technology, and more.