Instant Payments

The FedNow® Service is live! This instant payments rail operated by the Federal Reserve provides a modern, safe, and efficient platform that credit unions, banks and others can use to innovate and offer a variety of use cases for their members and customers.

Vertifi and EasCorp are proud to be early adopters of the FedNow Service with capabilities live today. Explore EasCorp's Instant Payments Academy designed to prepare financial institutions for the FedNow Service and Instant Payments.

The Vertifi Instant Payments Solution for the FedNow® Service manages the formatting and exchange of transaction messages on this payments rail. This payment processing gateway includes core and application specific adapters to integrate the FedNow Service with your core processor, digital banking platform, and other integrations. It provides you full access to the state-of-the-art FedNow infrastructure without extensive upgrades to your existing systems and eliminates your having to develop, maintain, or operate the network’s complex ISO® 20022 message specification and communication protocols.

The solution also includes an administrative platform with powerful tools to mitigate risk and manage system performance. Vertifi has a deep breadth of experience working with leading core and digital banking platforms and can develop custom integrations with these and other financial services providers as well as work directly with financial institutions.

A robust around-the-clock instant payments settlement solution for the FedNow Service is available through our parent company EasCorp.

Vertifi currently has integration partnerships with digital banking providers Connect FSS, Bankjoy and Share One for the FedNow Service delivery to businesses and consumers.

For more information on Vertifi and EasCorp's Instant Payments Solutions, contact or call 781.933.9950.

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