Statement Services
Electronic Statements (eStatements)

Vertifi's eStatements service provides cutting-edge statement delivery technology, which enables you to deliver electronic statements directly to your customers. With eStatements, your customers receive statements in a timelier manner and you experience significantly-reduced statement production costs.

Your customers receive e-mail notification when their statements are available — within minutes after your financial institution's statement files are processed. Statements are delivered in portable document format (PDF), allowing for easy archiving and flawless printing.

eStatements can be configured to enable your administrators to generate reports to determine which of your customers has viewed their statements. Vertifi can manage registrations and automatically determine which statements are created for electronic delivery and which are created for print delivery. The eStatements web pages are customized to your specifications, allowing you to maintain the look and feel of your current home-banking site. If you need to make text or graphics changes, you can do so in a real-time environment.

Alternatively, eStatements can be seamlessly integrated into your home banking system with links that enable home banking vendors to access Vertifi's statement archive.

Vertifi's eStatements service includes reports that can be generated on demand, providing valuable information about customer participation and usage, as well as audit reports of any updates made by eStatements administrators. With Vertifi's Statement Archive Tool (VSAT), your administrators can download statement archives for local storage. VSAT enables your staff to locate an individual statement using a specific account number or review all the accounts in a downloaded volume. VSAT displays the entire monthly statement, including check images, in PDF format, professionally presented and ready to be sent to a customer.