Payment Services

Vertifi and its parent company, EasCorp, offer a wide range of payment services.

Image Cash Letter Processing Services

Vertifi's Image Cash Letter (ICL) processing services include Inclearing Checks, Branch Capture, and Check Collection and are designed to save you money, enhance your market share, and enable you to display a modern, high-tech image. Let Vertifi manage all your check processing activities. Learn More >>

DeposZip (Remote Deposit Capture)

DeposZip®, is Vertifi's low-cost, proprietary remote deposit capture program that completes your online financial offering by enabling you to accept check deposits over the Internet. DeposZip empowers both businesses and consumers to securely deposit checks via the Internet. Learn More >>

DeposZip Mobile (Mobile Remote Deposit Capture)

Vertifi's DeposZip Mobile takes remote deposit capture to the next level, enabling you to meet the demands of your most active customers by enabling them to deposit checks via your mobile banking service. Learn More >>

Mobile Banking Applications

Vertifi's team of professional developers can create a custom-built mobile banking application for your financial institution. Learn More >>

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination

EasCorp's ACH origination service offers a safe way for you and your business accounts to make quick and secure electronic payments to vendors, set up recurring payments for easier budgeting, and process transactions more quickly and easily. Learn More >>

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Receipt and Return

EasCorp's ACH Receipt and Return programs deliver your financial institution's ACH transaction files electronically. Learn More >>

Corporate Checking Accounts

Vertifi and EasCorp provide checking accounts with automated reconcilement reports, positive pay features, online access for copies of paid items, ad-hoc reports, and monthly statements.

  • Vertifi's On-Us Checks program enables you to issue checks bearing your financial institution's name and routing and transit number. Learn More >>
  • EasCorp's Official Checks program provides an easy-to-administer account for all of your financial institution's disbursement needs—including money orders, club accounts and cashier's checks—and are drawn on EasCorp's routing and transit number. Learn More >>